An Invitation to Individual Plexus Membership:

You are cordially invited to become an Associate of Plexus Institute, joining together with others who connect with our mission of fostering the health of individuals, families, communities, organizations and our natural environment by helping people use concepts emerging from the new science of complexity.

Background & Philosophy:

The Plexus Institute is a not-for-profit organization that was formed in 2001 by a small group of people from diverse backgrounds who shared a commitment to the mission. In the years since its inception, Plexus has created and supported a large and growing learning community. Plexus Institute seeks to be inclusive and welcoming, enabling everyone interested in the work of Plexus to become active, engaged participants.

The central value of membership is the many opportunities participants have to interact with other members from diverse backgrounds, share ideas and experiences, and build a network of relationships that generate unforeseen benefits that individuals alone cannot achieve.

Becoming a Plexus Associate means being part of a network of colleagues committed to learning about complexity science and exploring innovative ways to use complexity in our daily lives.

All Associates have the access to Plexus Institute activities, which include:

Plexus membership provides an introduction to complexity science, providing participants with a new way of making sense of each of these and other issues by exploring how other complex adaptive systems behave. This provides participants with the background - a new lens - for revising many of the long-held beliefs that underpin traditional views of how the world works. The practical value of this cannot be overemphasized, since our understanding shapes our behavior and, by extension, our realities.

Plexus members have the ability to influence the activities of the Institute. Members are free and encouraged to shape agendas, create networks, sponsor workshops, start projects and initiate dialogues with other members.


Individual may join as an Associate for an annual fee of $100, and full-time students may join as Student Associates for $50 a year.