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Complex challenges need the combined efforts of leaders, managers and people on the front lines. Plexus Institute focuses on culture and leadership that support organizational and community change. People can act and interact differently to create the relationships and professional conversations that galvanize new ideas. We help leaders pursue their vision and administrative roles while creating environments where people in the work community do act differently to generate and carry out solutions to problems they face.

Even the most intractable problems often have solutions within the organization that just await discovery. Even when no full fledged solution exists, people who’ve been engaged in seeking solutions are poised find new ones. Our processes foster new patterns of practice that have led to improved outcomes in such complex organizations as hospitals, schools, prisons, and the military. We also provide ongoing mentoring to help people discover what’s working, what’s not working, and why.

Some Examples of Work With Plexus:

  • Positive Deviance/MRSA initiative- a collaborative involving six diverse institutions used Positive Deviance, adapted with other change processes, to prevent healthcare associated infections. The results: sustainable 35 % to 80 % reduction in infections, countless lives saved, and millions of dollars saved.
  • Cabin Creek Health Systems- a group of community health centers in rural West Virginia partnered with Plexus to modify organizational practices. More projects have been sustained and the staff has been happier and more productive.
  • CDC Dialysis CLABSI Initiative/Atlanticare- this dialysis unit partnered with Plexus and virtually eliminated catheter-related bloodstream infections.
  • Starfish Leadership- an initiative developed with Ori Brafman, author of The Starfish and the Spider, has helped train multiple cohorts of U.S. Army officers develop networked leadership, trust-based collaboration, and in-the-moment adaptation and innovation.

Our Adaptive Positive Deviance (APD) approach to change combines focus on leadership, a complexity science lens, and development of smart networks connections that tap community wisdom. You’ll learn to use Liberating Structures, the processes that engage everyone in the organization in finding solutions. Plexus has convened stimulating interactive events, conferences and learning networks for nurses, physicians and executives. Nursing Learning Network participants explore current topics in monthly conference calls. The book, On the Edge, Nursing in the Age of Complexity, emerged from nurses’ collaboration. Our PlexusCall series invites regular complexity-related learning conversations.